Cabinet Irradiators

Stellarray is developing a new kind of cabinet irradiator using our patented Flat panel X-ray sources (FPXS) for use in a range of research and medical applications. The operating principle is to introduce the irradiation subject – such as blood bags, agricultural samples or small animals – between a pair of upper and lower FPXS for highly uniform irradiation from both sides.  FPXS have high power efficiency compared with x-ray tubes, which means Stellar-Rad™ cabinet irradiators consume far less power than x-ray tube irradiators and can use standard wall power sources. The Stellar-Rad™ cooling and insulation system can be built with no moving fluids or cooling lines to break down. The high voltage power sources are built into the same casing as the FPXS, eliminating the need for bulky and troublesome high voltage cables. All these features help make Stellar-Rad™ a very compact desktop system that requires no facilities modification and is very easy to use. 

One version is a self-contained blood irradiator for the prevention of transfusion-associated graft versus host disease. This will be offered in two model, with one or two pairs of FPXS, respectively.  The small model, shown at left, can be lifted by two people and fits on a bench or stand. It can irradiate two standard blood bags, or the equivalent in other sizes, in about four minutes.  Tests are being run to see if it can treat four bags in the same time. The other model has two pairs of FPXS side by side and will irradiate four bags (and possibly eight) in four minutes.  Blood irradiators are Class 2 medical devices and SCBI is not yet cleared for market.

Other versions of the Stellar-Rad™ cabinet can be used in materials processing, vaccine research and seed termination.  These systems can be used to establish doses and dose rates for the sterile insect technique and phytosanitary applications.  They will be a good choice for cannabis purification, where they can be mounted on vans to service multiple facilities.