Radiation Source Platforms

Stellarray has developed several novel radiation sources, each a platform technology with numerous applications.  We use these sources in our own systems and can provide them to developers of other applications.    

Flat Panel X-ray Source:  FPXS is our basic x-ray source design, good for delivering broad beams of x-rays to a target.  Stellarray is using FPXS in some of our own irradiators, but this source can be used in many other applications.

Digitally Addressable X-ray Source: DAXS is the pixelated “smart” x-ray source, used primarily for high-speed, stationary tomographic imaging systems. Stellarray’s main applications are in select medical imaging modalities, but there are many others in non-destructive test, security imaging, analytical instruments, etc.

Multi-Array X-ray Source MAXS is two or more DAXS arrays in one vacuum package, to cover a range of imaging applications with one source.  Stellarray completed a project for NASA in which a prototype MAXS was made for a versatile human X-ray/CT system small, safe and light enough to take on space missions. 

Research Irradiation X-ray Source:  RIXS is a pixelated source used in irradiation rather than imaging.  The one for our current digital research irradiator is designed to emit collimated x-ray beams to the wells in a 96-well plate.  Other versions are under study for biopsy and microcircuit imaging. 

Forward Flux Channel X-ray Source: FFCS is a new kind of Bremsstrahlung x-ray source architecture in which x-rays are generated in holes or slits in an anode and come out the other side.  The larger conversion and heat dissipation area enables high brightness in a small spot, especially for high power micro-focus sources or in fan beams.

Grazing Beam Radiation Source GBRS uses a grazing sheet beam of electrons on a primary anode to generate x-ray or EUV flux, depending on the target, with higher conversion efficiency than an ordinary reflective anode source.  It can be used in the same applications as FPXS, as well as in EUV lithography and instrumentation.

UV-C Panel & Pipes:  Our UVCP sources use phosphors excited by high energy e-beams to generate UV flux through cathodoluminescence, especially UV-C for various decontamination applications.  Our sources have been prototyped in panel and pipe forms, for room, cabinet or fluid sterilization.  They can deliver higher power more efficiently than LEDs, have no mercury hazard, are tunable, scalable and easy to maintain. 

Patents Stellarray’s innovations are covered by several issued U.S. patents and patents pending.