Portable Breast Tomosynthesis

A portable breast tomosynthesis system (PBTS) under development will help address the inequalities in access to digital breast tomosynthesis, which is increasing the accuracy of mammograms. PBTS will comprise a custom-made digitally addressable x-ray source, commercial flat panel x-ray detector and lightweight assembly hardware, small enough to fit into  a suitcase and be carried by one person.  It can be set up in schools, churches or home in underserved areas such as inner cities and rural areas.  The high voltage power supply and cooling will be integrated into the DAXS module. PBTS will have the same capabilities as conventional, floor-standing, 3-D mammography systems but with only 5% the weight and volume. It will also help improve image quality by eliminating motion artifacts, and it can be used with the patient in the prone position with no breast compression. It will be a good choice to serve women in countries where 3-D mammograms are not widely accessible.