Trauma Tomosynthesis System

The Portable Trauma X-ray Tomography (PTXT) system is being developed for the dynamic environment of trauma in civilian emergency and military battlefield settings, where high-quality imaging capabilities during the “golden hour” after injury, stroke or other event can help save lives.  PTXT will use a modular approach to cover as many imaging conditions as possible.  The building block is a custom-made digitally addressable x-ray source, either basic or in the multi-array x-ray source configuration. One or more sources will comprise a system with one or more commercial flat panel x-ray detectors and lightweight assembly hardware.  A one source-one detector pair can fit into a backpack and weigh under 35 lbs, for fast imaging at the point of injury, or conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries.  Additional sources and detectors can be figured into more sophisticated systems for increasing tiers of care.  A two-source – one detector system can be used for chest imaging. A three-pair system used with sparse dataset reconstruction algorithms will be a good choice for full-body imaging. PTXT kits will be carried on ambulances, helicopters or ordinary vehicles and be designed for rapid set-up on route.